Functional and Integrative Medicine

Functional medicine is personalized medicine. The Wellness Lab is your personal laboratory to find the tools to optimize your health and achieve your wellness goals.

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Meet Dr. Carrie Rose, MD.

The balanced combination of Family Medicine experience and her passion for Functional Medicine gives Dr. Rose a unique perspective and the tools to provide the most comprehensive care while promoting wellness.

I’m Dr. Carrie Rose, a primary care doctor and Functional Medicine practitioner. I created the Wellness Lab as a place for people to find optimal health.

Whether you’re feeling good and want to maximize longevity, or you’re struggling with a medical condition, I can help put you on the path to peak health and wellness.

“It is far more important
to know what person the disease has
than what disease the person has.” 


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The Wellness Lab is located in West Seattle:

5410 California Ave SW
Suite 202
Seattle WA 98136

Call: 206-822-0032

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