We are pleased to announce that Dr. Rose has moved her practice to The Department of Functional Medicine at Swedish Medical Center
and she will be seeing patients at the Swedish South Lake Union Primary Care Clinic.

To requests appointments and information please call 206-320-5341.
For inquires related to The Wellness Lab please call 206-822-0032.


Functional and Integrative Medicine

Functional medicine is personalized medicine. The Wellness Lab is your personal laboratory to find the tools to optimize your health and achieve your wellness goals.

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Meet Dr. Carrie Rose, MD.

The balanced combination of Family Medicine experience and her passion for Functional Medicine gives Dr. Rose a unique perspective and the tools to provide the most comprehensive care while promoting wellness.

I’m Dr. Carrie Rose, a primary care doctor and Functional Medicine practitioner. I created the Wellness Lab as a place for people to find optimal health.

Whether you’re feeling good and want to maximize longevity, or you’re struggling with a medical condition, I can help put you on the path to peak health and wellness.

“It is far more important
to know what person the disease has
than what disease the person has.” 


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few answers to your most common questions.

1. What is Functional Medicine?

Functional Medicine is a “whole person” approach to medicine that recognizes that all symptoms and conditions are related. Rather than treating individual symptoms, I take time to listen to your story to look for and treat the root cause of your condition.

For more, The Institute for Functional Medicine has a PDF summary called What is Functional Medicine?

2. How is seeing Dr. Rose for Functional Medicine different than seeing other primary care doctors?

You will immediately notice the difference in the amount of time I spend with you. My average appointment length is 60 minutes. This will give us enough time to look deeply at the root cause of your problems, and find the appropriate path back to health.

I also spend time diving deep into your medical and personal history, to help me uncover the clinical imbalances contributing to your condition. Finally, I take a different approach to treatment, using a wide array of tools beyond pharmaceuticals, to help you get well. You might want to include a short list of examples of additional tools Carrie might use (Like diet, herbs, supplements...etc.)

For more, The Institute for Functional Medicine has a PDF summary called Working with a Functional Medicine practitioner.

3. Why did you create the Wellness Lab?

After almost 20 years in primary care, I found that my training was helping me treat and manage symptoms, but I wasn’t helping patients find true healing. After years of searching for and trying different alternatives, I discovered Functional Medicine, which takes a science-based approach to developing personalized treatment plans.

Patients often come to me after they’ve seen multiple doctors with little improvement in their health. I created the Wellness Lab to bring Functional Medicine techniques and tools directly to my patients, and I’m helping people feel better than they have in years.

4. How do I make an appointment with Dr. Rose to become a new Functional Medicine patient?

We’re excited to talk to you! Please call us at 206-822-0032 to ask about making an appointment as a new Functional Medicine patient.

5. I’m an existing patient with Dr. Rose. Can I see her at the Wellness Lab?

Absolutely. Please call us at 206-822-0032, and tell us that you’ve been seeing Dr. Rose elsewhere, but would like to transfer over to the Wellness Lab.

PLEASE NOTE: We are still in the process of setting up our insurance credentialing, Please call or email us to find out how things will change when you start seeing Dr. Rose at the Wellness Lab. In many cases the billing process may be different.

6. I found Dr. Rose through Dr. Dale Bredesen. What is the Bredesen Protocol and how do I make an appointment to see Dr. Rose?

Dr. Dale Bredesen is a neurologist who has been studying Alzheimer’s disease. He is having tremendous success in preventing and reversing cognitive decline through lifestyle modification. He has trained other doctors in his method, which he calls The Bredesen Protocol. I trained with Dr. Bredesen, and am now certified to treat patients using the Bredesen Protocol.

If you’d like to make an appointment, please call us at 206-822-0032, and tell us that you’d like to see Dr. Rose about the Bredesen Protocol.

For Bredesen Protocol patients, we ask you to come in for two sessions. The first session is 30 minutes, and we discuss the Protocol and tests. If you decide not to continue, we will not charge you for this session.

If you decide to take part in the Protocol, I will order the necessary testing to complete the Recode report, which provides a detailed protocol specific to your condition. For the second session, you’ll come in for a 75 minute appointment to discuss the test results and next steps.

Total charge for these two sessions is $750, not including scans and tests. Some of the cost for the in-person consultation may be covered by insurance. The tests are often covered by insurance, depending on your provider, your plan and your deductible.  

7. Can you be my Primary Care doctor?

At this time, Dr. Rose is providing Functional Medicine and Bredesen Protocol consultations only. While we plan to provide comprehensive primary care in the future, it is not part of our practice yet. Therefore, it’s important to maintain your relationship with your existing primary care provider. Dr. Rose can work in tandem with your primary care provider to ensure that you receive the best possible care.

8. Do you take insurance?

Currently, we do not. However, we will provide you with a receipt for your care (often called a “superbill”) after your visit, which you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. We are working to become credentialed with all the major insurance companies, but do not have a firm date on when those credentials will be finalized.

9. What are your rates?

For Functional medicine patients, the hourly rate is $300/hr. New patient visits are typically 90 minutes. Follow-up visits are typically 60 minutes. For Bredesen Protocol treatment rates, see question #6 above.

10. Where are you located?

Our offices are in West Seattle at:
5410 California Ave, SW
Suite 202
Seattle, WA 98136

See the map in the contact section below. There is free street parking or a free parking lot just south of the building. We are on the 2nd floor.

If you have any other questions that we have not answered here, please feel free to call us at 206-822-0032.

We look forward to seeing you!

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The Wellness Lab is located in West Seattle:

5410 California Ave SW
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Seattle WA 98136

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